Saturday, January 09, 2016

A CLUTTER- FREE 2016 - 7 Tested & Easy Tips

Each year brings with it the usual practice of making resolutions. Most of us are awash with resolutions to make us perform optimally, be better people, and generally make the world a better place!
One common resolution that would unite a huge percentage of us would be that of having better organized working and living environments. Central to achieving this is de-cluttering. Getting rid of clutter not only leads to increased efficiency due to the reduction in time spent looking for items, but it helps with the maximization of our spaces.

Clutter practically creeps upon us. One minute, there is ample space and the next thing; one is literally drowning in stuff. Most of us can identify with the fact that getting rid of clutter is usually easier said than done! The good news is that hope is not lost! Here are some de-cluttering tips.
VISION. Begin with the end in mind. Have a clear picture of the space ultimately desired. Go through the space as though with the eyes of a stranger, mentally noting things that are out of place and need to be taken out.

PURGE. Be ruthless! Rule of thumb is anything you have not needed in the past twelve or eighteen months, you would not miss. Exceptions of course to this rule include important books/ documents, baby items (that may have been set aside for the next child), mementos and items of key sentimental value. This ruthlessness is especially required in our wardrobes especially for the ladies. Included in this category are old shoes and those undersized clothes, yes, especially those size 10 ones you dream that your present size 14 self would someday fit into!

ORDER. Tackle spaces systematically and in an orderly fashion. For example, start and end with the living room as against treating more than one space at a time. Working haphazardly would tire one out easily and the temptation to abandon the purge would be high. 

SORT. Categorize the various items – those going into storage, donations, display and disposal. 

STORAGE. Key to winning the clutter war is proper storage. Before tackling the clutter, make certain to earmark the storage space(s). Also, ensure your storage materials like plastic containers (clear containers are preferable), wicker baskets or cartons are at hand. Same goes for the labelling items like paper, markers, sticker tape, etc.  

CREATIVITY. For many young families, storage space could prove challenging due to space constraints. Naturally, this in turn leads to clutter. Select furniture with built-in storage. For example, go for bed frames that incorporate a couple of built-in drawers or cupboards, side stools and coffee tables that also double as storage in the living area. Explore the use of shelves for both storage and display of decorative items.  

CONSISTENCE. As with every other venture, consistence is required to achieve success in this regard. One need not wait till a full day or week is required to clean up thoroughly. Set out a few minutes daily to put things back in their proper places.

Let’s all kindly raise our glasses to a clutter-free 2016!


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